Tim Walter

Tim limbos up for his first training sesh

Q. Tim, you are Roland UK’s MD, how did you get where you are today?

A. I’m a failed rock star! My passion has always been music and I’ve played in lots of bands and written music. However it doesn’t pay a lot being a musician so I got a job in my local music shop… I was bitten by the sales bug, the business bug and eventually the Roland bug.

Q. What is your favourite quality about yourself?

A. After 22 years in sales I’m very team orientated and goal driven and relish getting a good result.

Q. What is your least favourite quality about yourself?

A. I’m incredible unfit! Hopefully the bike ride will sort that out!

Q. What instruments do you play?

A. I’m a classically trained musician and started learning the piano aged five and reached grade eight. I also play the organ and cello, however most of my adult life I have focused on electronic music and playing keyboard in various bands. I have also written music for film and TV including the BBC and Channel 4.

Q. What is your claim to fame?

A. Accompanying Rowan Atkinson as his musician when he was on a six-month tour of the UK, the most memorable bit was playing at Blackpool Royal Opera House in front of 3000 people.

Q. What was your favourite outdoor activity as a child?

A. I’ve always been keen on cricket – definitely NOT cycling!

Q. What are your favourite and least favourite types of music?

A. Favourite would have to be the 80s and least is probably the 60s.

Q. What are your favourite and least favourite foods?

A. Wine is my favourite (does that count as a food?) and least is… ermm salad.

Q. Who taught you to ride a bike?

A. My dad, I remember falling off a lot and the bike was blue.

Q. Who is your favourite sports personality and why?

A. Jonny Wilkinson when England last won the world cup –  he’s inspirational and he plays a Roland piano!

Q. Who is your favourite musician/artist/band?

A. Gary Barlow, he’s a really talented song writer, I went to see Take That at Wembley last year. I also like Genesis and most 80s stuff.

Q. What do you do to unwind and relax?

A. See earlier answer – 3 glasses of wine. Also, I’m a fully qualified pyrotechnician and love doing firework displays.

Q. What is your favourite place in the world?

A. I love to be anywhere near water and one of my goals is to own a boat one day.

Q. When people look back at your life, how do you want to be remembered?

A. I’d like people to think that I was passionate about everything that I did.