Jules Tabberer-Stewart

Jules Tabberer-Stewart is the V-Drums & Percussion Product Manager at Roland UK

Scroll to the bottom to read Jules’ reflections now the ride is completed.

Q. Jules, you’re Roland UK’s Drums & Percussion Product Manager.  How did you get where you are?

A. I’ve been a drummer since my early teens – there was something about the drums that appealed to me to me like no other instrument. I studied hard and gained as much work experience as I could to develop a strong and useful set of skills. Long story short, I worked in retail as a drum specialist and through contacts and experience I became editor at Drummer Magazine. From there, I joined Roland in 2012 to head-up drums and percussion in the UK.

Q. What is your favourite quality about yourself?
A. The older you get, the more you learn about yourself. I’ve realised that I’m more determined and resilient than I ever thought I could or would be, and I like those qualities about myself.

Q. What is your least favourite quality about yourself?
A. I hate to lose. I’m not saying I’m a bad loser, but I enjoy success more than defeat.

Q. What instruments do you play?
A. I’m an out-and-out drummer, through and through. I’d like to be able to play guitar and piano. I sometimes attempt to sing!

Q. What is your claim to fame?
A. Well, probably being editor at Drummer Magazine is my biggest moment of ‘fame’. It’s funny that my greatest drumming gig didn’t actually involve playing the drums! I’m very fortunate to have met many of the world’s best drummers – meeting my hero, Dave Grohl at a Foo Fighters show was a special moment!

Q. What was your favourite outdoor activity as a child?
A. It’s ironic, television and I enjoyed a long love affair in my childhood and I spent a lot of time indoors! In saying that, I always enjoyed getting out on my bike and skateboarding. These days you’ll struggle to keep me indoors.

Q. What are your favourite and least favourite types of music?
A. There’s genres I’m not such a big fan of (happy hardcore for example), but if you believe that music is a form of art and of expression, then all music, no matter what form it takes, has its place. I love anything from jazz and classical through to punk and electronica.

Q. What are your favourite and least favourite foods?

A. I’m a really fussy eater! Can’t stand mushrooms, not a fan of fish and seafood dishes either.

Q. Who taught you to ride a bike?

A. My godfather. I remember him removing the stabilisers from my bike, giving me a push, getting a front wheel wobble on and duly falling off!

Q. Who is your favourite sports personality and why?

A. Jenson Button. I’m a huge Formula 1 and motorsport fan. He’s a great athlete, he’s determined and he’s ridden out plenty of storms. In F1, you don’t become a World Champion solely by having a good car… you have to be the best and then beat the rest.

Q. Who is your favourite musician/artist/band?
A. So many to choose from! Dave Grohl is a hero, therefore love any of his work. I’m into punk music so anything from the Clash to Hot Water Music gets me nodding.

Q. What do you do to unwind and relax?
A. Ride my bike. I’m a Mountain Biker first and I love to get out on the trails. Road riding is a very close second though. I’m also in a couple of bands. Music is a passion.

Q. What is your favourite place in the world?
A. Home. If you lived where I live, you’d say the same.

Q. When people look back at your life, how do you want to be remembered?
A.  As a good guy, that was friendly, respectful and did great work. If you’re missed when you go, you did something right. The more people that miss you, the better you did!

Reflections on the ride, now it’s complete:

I can’t say that I ever imagined I would do the JOGLE trip – it always seemed to me a journey that some worldly explorer would undertake, not a regular guy like me. It was when I was in training for this event that I realised just how big a challenge it would be. And it proved to be even tougher than I thought. It was physically hard, but unexpectedly, it was mentally tough too making it a real test of endurance. I had to dig deep on both counts to get to Lands End.  But, it was a privilege to be part of the ‘Three men On A Bike’ team and I was so proud to cross the finish line with the guys. It was a tremendous achievement for us all and we raised a good deal of money for Children In Need and Music For All too. Without doubt, one of the best life experiences I’ve had. I’m already planning my next challenge!

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