Well known industry figure states: “no guts, no glory”

Paul McManus, the Chief Executive of the Music Industries Association, has signed up for the forthcoming Three Men on a Bike charity bike ride, due to start on 17th August.

Clearly relishing the challenge and speaking as he prepared to embark on his first training session, Mr McManus asserted:

“Although I’m only joining for a single day – day eight – I very much consider myself part of the team, and I’m ready to start training hard. I fully expect to give the other riders a run for their money and have already bought all the gear, including a heavily customised bike that will give me a competitive edge. I’m in it to win it and will definitely be first on day eight”.

Coincidentally, an analysis of the route shows that day eight, while 95 miles in length, is the one day with virtually no hills; very much considered a less strenuous day by the other riders compared with the travails of the rest of the route. When this was subsequently pointed out to Mr McManus, he claimed his mobile signal was too weak to hear and promptly hung up. Confusingly, he was speaking on his land line at the time.

By adding his support to the 926-mile event, Mr McManus joins a select group of music industry participants including riders from Bonners, Dawsons, Digital Village, Gear4Music and PMT, who will also be joining the team.

If you want to show your support, please donate via Virgin money giving: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/roland3moab