Three Men on a Bike get ready to test their mettle with the Carten100

After months of relentless training, the guys are ready for the first test of their abilities.

Tomorrow (Saturday 12 May), Roland Directors Tim and Simon are set to take part in the Carten 100. This is a grueling 100-mile ride along the coast from Cardiff to Tenby – and they only have one day to do it.

With months of training behind them, they’ve got every reason to be confident and if they make it all the way to Tenby, there’s a promise of a well-earned pint with the other riders. If all else fails, that should be enough to keep them going.

Tough as it is, the Carten100 is just a taste of things to come. In August, the team will cycle the 926 miles from John O’ Groats to Lands End. They will have to complete an exhausting 92.6 miles every day. For 10 days!

Of course it’s all for a good cause, and you can sponsor Three Men On a Bike, by clicking on the donate bar to the right. All donations will be split between Music for All and Children in Need.

Find out more about the Carten100, click here

And if you’re in the area, why not pop out and cheer the Roland boys on?