A quiet day planned after the full-on 70 miles from Portsmouth to Eastbourne (via Beachy Head!) yesterday.

Tony White (Bonners) was our guest rider for the day – perhaps we should come clean now and call them victims? Tony took us on cycle route 21 for the first 8 miles of the run, locally known as the Cuckoo Trail. James was hugely excited at the prospect of seeing some birds. Peter and Simon were equally enthusiastic, but I think they were on the lookout for a different type of wildlife. We did see a bird (flying) but it could have been anything. Simon (G) suggested an albatross.

It was beautiful countryside and the weather was very kind. We stopped at 15 miles for a breather in a lay-by and James decided to do some stunts for us.  Within seconds he’d found a large pot hole and did a somersault to prove it. Pride hurt and a damaged brake cable later we all helped him celebrate the honour of being the only one to fall off so far. So that’s the most punctures and now he’s fallen off….(maybe he should stick with riding Ollie).

Simon (L) was a little under the weather today. The chest / sore throat infection that Peter had earlier in the week has now passed across. (Simon swears blind he’d told Peter no tongues.) He made up for it though by driving us hard for the first leg this morning and then did a great job supporting Tony up two particularly interesting hills that my legs are still reminding me about.

Lunch was a stop at a pub (for coffee) and ‘Ruth’s rolls’ final appearance this week. We have eaten well this week, it has to be said. All of the things that have been banned for the last six months have strangely been available all week. Snickers and Mars Bars, Fat Coke, biscuits and Cake. Rose says we can eat anything we want as we’re burning so many calories. Simon (G) swears he’s put on weight this week. I think it’s the particularly gay coffees that he drinks with full fat milk et al that have been his problem.

As the ride nears its end, attention has begun to turn to what next? Of the many conversations, I particularly liked the idea of Jet Skiing around the British Isles – Three Men on a Jet Ski has a kind of ring to it?!! Ideas on a postcard please.

One thing I can confirm is that our fund raising will continue until the MIA Awards event in London on November 24th. Our total is around £19K now and we have pledges that should take us well over £20K. We’re keen to try and get that total to £25K by November, so our activities will continue for a while. Our plan is to launch the ‘Three Men on a Bike Revealed’ Calendar. With month pages sponsored by the industry all we need are the pictures. Strong contenders include the PMT Pot Hole incident and Dean does his washing. Someone suggested that at least one page should be 3 Men and their helmets. The mind boggles……