We got back late last night to the hotel after the gig with Howard Jones at Absolute Music and just caught last orders at the restaurant. What a relief as we were all starving. The waiters were clearly in no hurry to get home and I think it was at least 10.30pm when the starters arrived. After 58 miles that day, and no food since lunch this was somewhat challenging. Clearly this particular Premier Inn restaurant had missed the training day that covered the ‘premier’ bit.

We were late to bed and to be doubly secure, I can report another first for me this week – I slept with my bike. There was a rumour that I’d chained it to my toilet seat. It was in fact the only secure point in the room but by the time I got in anyway, the bike was asleep.

Simon’s Optomisticweather.com this morning had promised blue sky and some sun. As usual it was slightly wrong but at least it wasn’t raining.

No guest riders today, so just six of us to do a not hilly, but substantial 63 miles, and it was long, long, long. With quads (yes, I have some now) busting at the sight of any incline it was hard work. There were also lots of roundabouts and nutter drivers, more often at the same time!

While we did our morning workout, the first ever great laundry escapade was happening behind the scenes. Janine, my PA at Roland is helping out this week and is quite brilliant at most things. I gather though, that nails and laundry don’t mix, so Dean was summoned to the rescue. Quite why there is a picture of him in his underwear at the launderette remains a mystery. I just hope that he raised some money doing it.

Lunch was a stop in picturesque Beaulieu. Sunshine, water, ducks, great food (donuts today) and then the “Simon and the Vicar incident….”

Perhaps he didn’t like the beard, but he was certainly upset at Simon’s (G) presence outside his church. Having got no sense out of Simon, a slightly irate vicar turned his attention to Simon Lewis. Using his best negotiation skills, Simon (L) soon had the vicar eating out of his hand and booking a run of six months advertising in MusicTech. Well, that was the goal clearly, I’m not quite sure he achieved his goals as with a squeal of tyres the vicar left to collect re-enforcements.

Rolls were dropped and donuts discarded and we all left in something of a hurry.

A tired and somewhat lethargic Three Men team battled on through traffic lights, dual carriageways and more of those nutter car drivers. Perhaps they just don’t like our lycra?!

At long last a rip roaring welcome from the Nevada team brought us into Portsmouth. Thanks Jenny and Mike for your support. Another gig tonight and then tomorrow……

….The Boyz are in town. Let’s hope we don’t make the national news.