For once, the TV weather and Simon’s cheap iPhone weather app, downloaded from some Russian web-site, both agreed that today was a good day for cycling.

Unfortunately things didn’t start quite so well, as a strong smell of vomit greeted us in reception on the way to breakfast. Simon (SG) swears it wasn’t him although the late night drinks he had with Alyn (our driver and Ollie minder) can’t have helped. They were doing a lot of cleaning around his room….

Richard Patt and daughter Ruth came to wave us off and with Rose and Alyn in the van, off we went. Now, as most people know I’m not a fan of hills and today had its fair share. I’m particularly good on the down hills but the up hills are just a little more challenging. Today was around 46 miles and from memory that felt like around 46 miles of uphill. I guess there must have been the odd downward slope, but they tend to go so fast you don’t notice. Record breaking 44mph recorded today on one such slope.

So much nicer cycling when it’s dry and for most of the day we did a pretty good impression of riding as a team. Lunch stop today was at the Tamar bridge, our exit from Cornwall and warm welcome to the Devon hills. Slightly less welcoming was the bloke on the Tamar Bridge toll who seemed to take a dislike to Peter and Simon. I’m not sure he was convinced by Simon’s car impression (we should have gone on a special cycle lane, oops!) but they let us through eventually.

Ruth’s rolls (that’s Rose or June, depending on the time of day and activity) starred again. Food never tasted so good! At the current run rate, we’re on the lookout for sponsorship from Mr Jaffa and his cakes. James eats them, a packet at a time and I have to say they are an exceptional source for energy. We should get the small print on the packets adjusted as they are not recommended in tandem with energy gels containing caffeine. After a cocktail of the above James and Ollie caused quite a stir in the lunch time car park , doing Superman impressions together on the grassy slopes. Some bloke even came up and gave us £5, I think on reflection it was to persuade us to move on. It was either that or the sight of Simon Lewis and Ollie doing very strange things…..

Using Peter’s intimate knowledge of the roads, we continued along the A38 to South Brent. At one point it opens up into three lanes either side and you could be forgiven for thinking you’re cycling down (that means up!) a motorway for several miles. I think we should give Peter’s idea of a Three Men on a Bike Tour of the UK Motorways due consideration, but perhaps not for long!

South Brent was a haven of peace after the constant roar and buffeting of the A38 traffic and our B and B hideaway is idyllic. Simon (SG) was gutted to find out that his room didn’t have a bath. Simon Lewis, I thought, very generously offered to share his bath. Simon (SG) unusually was lost for words.

Speaking of lost, Simon (SG) has lost his razor. In addition to fundraising for BHF and MFA, we now need additional help at each of our next stopping points. Please bring any old bic razors or similar for Simon – his face needs it.

We’ve just topped £17K for money raised, not far now from our £25K target.

In return for donations Ollie is now offering to do stunts for money. If you want to see Ollie in unusual places please add a donation to the website and we’ll do our best to make it happen. Ollie in bed and Ollie on a boat are already in hand – look forward to your suggestions.

Day 3 sees us facing the worst hills and the worst weather of the ride so far – guess who’s not going to sleep well tonight!!