One wonders if it might have been slightly easier to stand under a cold shower all day! As I sit in the Premier Inn in Bodmin reflecting on the appalling day’s weather, the sun has just come out – it’s a cruel world!

The journey down yesterday was long, but uneventful. Lands End is one heck of a long way away. Travelled down with Peter, Simon and James. Simon Lewis (Music Tech) made his own way there and we met up later for dinner with the very charming Mary. Our support crew, Terry and Rose (June) and their son Alyn drove the rather full van. A key highlight was discovering what Peter’s been up to since the age of 9. You’ll have to ask him….

Lands End Hotel is pretty much the only thing for miles around and not bad, in an AA three star kind of way. I would imagine there are stunning views, but sadly it was dark by the time we got there. The howling gales rattled the hotel windows all night keeping most of us awake. I think I finally gave up at about 3am and spent a delightful few hours imagining the day ahead.

Morning brought no let up in the weather, and certainly no views as the visibility was nil and the rain, horizontal.

A full Cornish all round for Breakfast and armed with lashings of Udderley Smooth we did the essential tourist bit (photos by the Lands End sign) and the equally important starting line up photo. The Three Men on a Bike mascot, Ollie was welcomed to the team and by all accounts seems to have had a great day. Allegedly there are photos of him with a pint later in the day and a trip to KFC as a treat. More info as I get it.

The Romans certainly didn’t make a massive impression on the roads down here. Huge long sweeping hills will be etched on the memory for a while and in the rain (now bouncing off the road and body) they are even less inviting. If anyone ever tries to sell you waterproof cycling gear – don’t bother. Cornish rain will find its way in anywhere and failing that the lorries and cars will finish the job off.

Half way today was Starbucks (never wanted a coffee more) and some of Rose’s stunning rolls. I recommend the Cheese and Tomato, but I have to say, anything would have tasted good! By 40 miles the body was beginning to get tired, and this was just day 1. Each hill was achieved with the mantra of raising 20k ringing in my ears – it’s a great motivator.

For once, the welcome sight of a Premier Inn become the final focal point. James had a puncture 1 mile out (he does this quite often, the puncture thing) but we limped into the car park, spirits high and 60 miles closer to London.

Thanks to all of the guys at Roland UK for the incredible support to get us to here. We’re also incredibly humbled by the donations from across the industry. Please keep them coming, we desperately want to raise as much now as we can for Music for All. If you haven’t given yet, please spare us a thought and give anything you can.